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In South Africa, the discerning diner is looking for something different...... Woven into the daily pattern of continental life is the bistro. It is that neighbourhood restaurant where you are greeted warmly, and welcomed to dine in an atmosphere of friendly service and delicious cuisine.

Werner’s Bistro is the venue where Werner and Zelda satisfy your love affair with food.

With an a-la-carte menu offering specialities from all over Europe, and a fully licenced ladies’ bar and tea garden, this is the perfect venue for every occasion from business lunches to intimate dinners. There are also several private rooms available for group function reservations.

Since moving to Bedfordview, the doors have barely had a chance to swing shut. The patrons continue to travel from all over Gauteng to dine in true Continental style.

The well appointed Ladies' Bar offers a place for people to meet for sundowners, or wait for dinner guests to arrive.

Cosy and rustic, this fully licenced bar will double-up as an after work meeting place for friends and colleagues.