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For a truly International accommodation and dining experience, Werner's Bistro is regarded as total value for money. Werner's is regarded as an elegant South African translation of the homely, family-run country bistros of France.
They make gracious hospitality their first priority. They're still the friendly place that welcomes spur-of-the-moment reservations, and where you'll feel at home in a little black dress or designer jeans. They're still the cozy place where you can completely relax after a long day at the office.

Werner's offers easy access to and from Johannesburg International Airport. Geared towards the businessman on the move, customers are minutes away from the main business centres. In very close proximity are the Eastgate and Bedford Gardens Shopping Centres.

Although the menu has a European flair, certain South African dishes are also offered.

Visit Werner's for a holiday or business stay-over, cosy dinner, a pub lunch or a garden tea - for an Afro/Continental experience.

Places of interest within a 30 minute drive of Werner's Lodge.

BRUMA flea market is the perfect place to pick up something uniquely South African - masks, beaded dolls, wire baskets and toys and a variety of other indigenous objects.

Johannesburg is the provincial capital of S.A., in the smallest and richest province called Gauteng, meaning "Place of Gold". It is home to more than a fifth of the population.

Gold Reef City is a combination of pleasure resort, casino and a little “living theatre". On the grounds of a former gold mine, houses and entire streets have been rebuilt true to the originals from the gold-rush times.

MuseumAfrica is Johannesburg's major history and cultural history museum.Housed in what used to be the city's main fruit and vegetable market.

Nelson Mandela Square with it's larger-than-life "dancing" statue is situated in Sandton Shopping Centre. The square represents a sophisticated, eclectic, cosmopolitan success story.